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Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Dumbarton

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This week on Not So Long Ago, GM stops by an old favorite for a lot of Georgetowners: the late Au Pied du Cochon.

Au Pied du Cochon means “With a Pig’s Foot”. The Georgetown location was probably named after the famous Paris brasserie of the same name, which has been open since 1947. Several other Au Pied du Cochons exist throughout the globe, including a rather well regarded one in Quebec.

Georgetown’s Au Pied du Cochon was not without its sordid history. Most famously it was the location where in 1985 Soviet defector Vitaly Yurcenko escaped from his CIA handlers by sneaking out the bathroom window and running up Wisconsin Ave. to the Soviet embassy in order to un-defect.

The restaurant closed in 2004. GM would like to say he misses the old place, but frankly he thought the service and the fare did not live up to the atmosphere. Not that having Five Guys is remotely better, though. Hopefully someday it will revert back to a French bistro.

It looks like the restaurant once spread over to the space next door. A rather dramatic and unfortunate renovation of that neighboring space took place in 2004. Now the building is faced with metallic formstone. And it’s empty. Oh well.

One last cool item: in both pictures, you can see an old ad for The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. (i.e., the A & P) on the side of the far right building. Continue reading


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