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Capital Bikeshare to Get to Georgetown, Eventually

Yesterday the District’s new bike share program, unimaginatively titled Capital Bikeshare, officially started. GM mentioned here a few weeks ago that the bike share program would “come” to Georgetown by yesterday. Well, turns out that was a bit overoptimistic.

Rather than wait until all the stations are in place, DDOT and Arlington County started the program with only about half the stations ready. None of those are in Georgetown. This isn’t necessarily how GM would have started it, since it’s a bit confusing for riders. But since most of the initial adopters are probably bike share fans like GM, there is probably little risk they’ll give up on the program. Continue reading


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Capital Bikeshare to Come to Georgetown on September 20

The District’s new bikeshare system is set to roll out, so to speak, on September 20th. The original plans call for four stations to be in Georgetown: on K St. in front of the Swedish Embassy, on Wisconsin south of the canal, in front of Hardy, and in front of the university.

The first three  of those stations appear likely to be ready in time. Although GM hasn’t seen any sign of the stations yet, they are installed quickly due to their reliance on solar power (thus no complications with Pepco, as delayed the SmartBike rollout). And these stations have cleared ANC and OGB review. Continue reading

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ANC Round Up: Lots Of New Gin Joints Edition

Last night the ANC met for its September session. It was long and grueling. In fact, for the first time in over a year GM left before the end, and that was after three hours.

Notwithstanding his early exit, GM was witness to a lot of interesting news, and most of it had to do with new bars and restaurants.

But first off, let’s talk bikes:

Capital Bikeshare Stations

Chris Holbin of DDOT came before the ANC to present his agency’s plans on new Capital Bikeshare stations in Georgetown. As previously reported here, there will be four such stations in Georgetown. One of those stations was previously announced to be at the gates of the university. Unfortunately, as Holbin discussed last night, there isn’t enough space on the sidewalk for a station and DDOT hasn’t reached an agreement with the school to place it inside the gates.

So they went looking for a replacement site and settled on the north front of the Car Barn on Prospect St. The commissioners, who to their credit were in favor of the program, nonetheless were opposed to this new location. They argued that the immediate neighbors objected to the noise and activity it would create. Ironically, the one commissioner who actually lives across the street from the proposed location, Aaron Golds, didn’t object. But his lone vote against the resolution objecting to the location wasn’t enough. Said resolution called for DDOT to look for another space closer to the university or on the university’s grounds.

Frankly GM would love a station across the street, but never underestimate Georgetowners’ ability to look a gift horse in the mouth. Continue reading


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Georgetown Fall Preview

GM got back from his week off last night, and while the summer still has a few weeks left in it, with the beach behind him and schools open today GM’s views inevitably turn towards the fall. Although it’s ecologically a season of decay, here in Georgetown it will be a season of renewal. Below, Gm takes a look at the projects definitely likely to come on-line this fall and those that might.

The Definite:

  • Georgetown Library – This October, Georgetown’s historic library will be reborn. After a devastating fire in 2007, the library was rebuilt better than it was before.
  • New Circulator route – It was just last fall that Georgetown was fighting to keep our current Circulator route. After a huge grassroots effort (and the intervention of Jack Evans) the old route was saved. Better still, the last Blue bus route will be turned into a new Circulator route. The route is scheduled to start up in September, although you sure wouldn’t know it from the Circulator’s website.
  • Capital Bikeshare – In another September transportation innovation, four Capital Bikeshare stations will be setting up in Georgetown. GM has already signed up, have you?
  • National Pinball Museum – This self-evidently awesome museum is supposed to be opening up in the Georgetown mall this fall.
    Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Biking under the Whitehurst by M.V. Jantzen.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by VPickering.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Maybe if they were just streetcar wires, the Committee of 100 would pay to bury them?
  • Pretty much right after word of their closing got out, the Body Shop and Riccardi are already closed.
  • By the way, DDOT is still looking for feedback on Capital Bikeshare locations. If you want more in Georgetown, let them hear it. (GM suggests Rose, Montrose, and Volta Parks, as well as M and Pennsylvania).


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Georgetown to Receive Four Capital Bikeshare Stations

The District is rolling out a new bike sharing system this fall. It has been dubbed Capital Bikeshare and it will replace the successful, but limited, SmartBike program that was introduced in 2008. Capital Bikeshare will have 100 stations in the District, which will be a ten-fold increase over SmartBike (there will be an additional 14 stations in Arlington-mainly in the Crystal City corridor). Today DDOT announced the proposed locations of the District stations. Under those plans, Georgetown would receive four stations, as you can see above. Continue reading


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