Georgetown Fall Preview

GM got back from his week off last night, and while the summer still has a few weeks left in it, with the beach behind him and schools open today GM’s views inevitably turn towards the fall. Although it’s ecologically a season of decay, here in Georgetown it will be a season of renewal. Below, Gm takes a look at the projects definitely likely to come on-line this fall and those that might.

The Definite:

  • Georgetown Library – This October, Georgetown’s historic library will be reborn. After a devastating fire in 2007, the library was rebuilt better than it was before.
  • New Circulator route – It was just last fall that Georgetown was fighting to keep our current Circulator route. After a huge grassroots effort (and the intervention of Jack Evans) the old route was saved. Better still, the last Blue bus route will be turned into a new Circulator route. The route is scheduled to start up in September, although you sure wouldn’t know it from the Circulator’s website.
  • Capital Bikeshare – In another September transportation innovation, four Capital Bikeshare stations will be setting up in Georgetown. GM has already signed up, have you?
  • National Pinball Museum – This self-evidently awesome museum is supposed to be opening up in the Georgetown mall this fall.

The Maybe:

  • Serendipity 3 – No announcement yet for when Serendipity 3 will open, but GM is betting it’ll be this fall.
  • Paul Restaurant – GM has heard this bakery is supposed to open in November. There’s been some movement on the licensing side (for instance, they applied for one of the new liquor licenses) but it doesn’t look like much actual construction has started up. We’ll see.
  • Madewell, Barbour, Uggs and Sprinkles – All these stores could be opening up this fall, but GM is not aware of any announced opening dates.

So Georgetown, while the day’s are still long, we can nonetheless look forward to a bright fall.


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3 responses to “Georgetown Fall Preview

  1. GM, I walk past the site of Paul’s every morning and at least as of last week there is definitely demolition/construction going on inside now. Whether this indicates a November opening who knows, but work is definitely progressing at last.

  2. GM

    Good news. Thanks for being my south Georgetown eyes-and-ears.

  3. Some of my neighbors commented recently that we should refer to ourselves as the village “island”, since the canal cuts those of us below M Street off from the rest of the village. Unfortunately lower Georgetown is hardly the Veneto.

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