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How Many Bars Do You Have?

Cell Phone Tower by Forklift.

Do you have a T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless cell phone? Congratulations, you’re cell phone service is about to get better. GM noticed on the No Action calender for last week’s ANC meeting that new antennas for those cell phone companies are going to be installed on buildings in Georgetown.

This won’t help out GM, who finally made the jump to iPhone last summer before realizing his block is an AT&T deadzone. But this got GM wondering, what sort of cell phone coverage do you get on your block?

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Busriders Who Talk Too Loudly on Their Cellphone

Los Autobus

Second in our series of “Busriders Who Talk Too Loudly on Their Cellphone”, GM presents Woman Who Moved Here From LA. If you employ this woman, she’s not happy that you’re not paying for Blackberry, home Internet, and dinner at the office.  If you’re dating her, you might be the person that she has “trust issues with”. It’s not entirely clear because at some point she realized that she’s “on the bus…on the BUS…the BUS…AUTOBUS, estoy en la AUTOBUS!” so an ounce of awareness finally crept in, although not enough to get her to hang up.

GM admits this isn’t the most embarrassing cell phone blather he’s heard on the bus, but just let it serve as a reminder: if you feel like having a loud cell phone conversation on the D2, a transcript very well may end up here.

Blonde Guy Talking About Some Girl He’s Sort Of Dating


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Busriders Who Talk Too Loudly On Their Cellphones

Busriders Who Talk Too Loudly On The Phone

In the first of an ongoing series, GM presents “Busriders Who Talk Too Loudly on their Cellphones”. Today we introduce, Blonde Guy Talking About Some Girl He’s Sort Of Dating. GM apologizes about the blurry photo (in the future he’ll steady his hand better) but if you recognize this man, and you’re dating him, the 6:45 D2 bus would like to inform you that he likes you but doesn’t want to commit because he’s probably moving back to the Midwest.

Next episode: someone else talking too loudly about really personal stuff who doesn’t realize everyone wishes he’d just shut up.


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