How Many Bars Do You Have?

Cell Phone Tower by Forklift.

Do you have a T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless cell phone? Congratulations, you’re cell phone service is about to get better. GM noticed on the No Action calender for last week’s ANC meeting that new antennas for those cell phone companies are going to be installed on buildings in Georgetown.

This won’t help out GM, who finally made the jump to iPhone last summer before realizing his block is an AT&T deadzone. But this got GM wondering, what sort of cell phone coverage do you get on your block?


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  1. Shipsa01

    When I lived in Georgetown and had Verizon I never had any problems. Of course, instead of letting a good thing be, I too made the switch to the iPhone and got terrible service (I was living on the corner of 33rd and O). Drop calls, phantom calls (where I would get a voicemail, but no missed call) and just general no to poor service were everyday occurances.

    But just to make you feel better, I now live at 5th and K, NW and still have terrible service with the iPhone. So it’s not just a Georgetown thing!

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