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No Transportation Without Representation

On Tuesday at the inaugural parade, our new president and vice-president walked by the new sign by the Wilson Building tabulating the total federal taxes paid by District residents without representation. On top of this (likely futile) attempt to educate the country, the Council proposed last year to change the name of South Capitol St. to Taxation Without Representation St.

So long as we’re making a political issue out of our street names, why not address the representation issue head on?

One argument sometimes put forward to deny the District statehood is that with two senators and our small population, we’d be “over-representated” in the Senate. But aren’t we already extending a lot of the states a similar overrepresentation? Not in the legislative sense of the word, but in the geographic sense? In other words, what states get more asphalt on our streets than their populations deserve? Find out after the jump:

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