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CVS Brings Transparency to Georgetown

A couple weeks ago, Phillip Kennicott wrote a nice piece in the Washington Post about the death of the shop window in Washington. The thrust of the piece was that more and more, stores are blocking up their front windows in order to increase their shelf-space.

Around town, nobody seems to be more of a purveyor of these blocked windows than CVS. And so it’s with surprise that GM writes that CVS has recently made huge changes to the front of their two Georgetown stores which have opened up their respective shop windows.

Above is a photo of the M St. CVS. You can see that with the introduction of the self-check out kiosks, the store has removed the front counter. This enabled them to clear out the whole front window. Just compare it to what it used to look like:

A lot better don’t you think? (Although turning it back into the Biograph would be an even better step). Continue reading


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