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Georgetown With One Red Shoe

Those familiar with Tom Hanks’s early wacky movie phase probably remember the spy farce The Man With One Red Shoe. GM happened to catch it over the weekend. While he was vaguely aware that it had some scenes in Georgetown, he didn’t realize that in fact significant chunks of the movie were filmed here.

While it’s somewhat fun to see your neighborhood splashed on the silver screen, it’s significantly more fun to see what it looked like in 1984 similarly captured. Check out these stills GM captured:

Here’s the house Tom Hanks’s character lives in. It’s 3331 O St. Here’s that house now:

One thing you might notice right away is just how much more tree shade there was in 1984. Some of that could be film filters or other effects, but the block seems to have been under a much thicker canopy back then.

Another thing, GM’s not certain but he believes this house is a single family home. In the movie it is portrayed as having multiple apartments in it. That also could be film trickery, but it does appear that some of the interior shots were genuinely from inside this house:

That picket fence is still across the street. You can also see by this photo that the street was in much better shape than it was before the recent renovation. There were hardly any patches at all (although you can see the tracks were already dangerously above the cobblestones). Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by L Current

Good Morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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The Morning Metropolitan

Inside the Old Stone House by StreetsofDC.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • As mentioned here last week, Propper Topper is featuring a pop-up store from fashionisspinach.com this weekend (oops, it was last weekend).
  • Georgetown (supposedly, GM’s got his doubts) inspired new indie film from Ireland.


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