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While GM Was Out


Sadly, GM’s vacation has come to an end, and he’s back to the daily grind. But before the grind is ground, GM wants to quickly cover a few things he missed while he was out.

Linda Greenan Steps Down

Long time Georgetown University administrator, Linda Greenan, announced that she is retiring from the University at the end of September. Greenan has been the primary community liaison for the school through some of the roughest periods of the town-gown history. Not withstanding the strife, she always maintained a smile and was pleasant to work with. She will be missed.

Her departure coincides with the beginning of the Georgetown Community Partnership, which was set up by the ten year plan agreement last spring. This permanent committee is envisioned to address issues as the arise, rather than after they’ve festered for years. Taking Greenan’s place in this new endeavor will be Lauralyn Lee, another longtime GU administrator. Continue reading

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The Georgetown Metropolis


Georgetown University

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by cizauskas.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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Now and a Long Time Ago: 37th and O St.


This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM swings by Georgetown University. That steel frame you see above turned into this:


The old photo is dated October 18, 1932 (just think, they were weeks away from electing FDR for the first time. Well, not if they were DC residents that is…) According to Georgetown, “The White-Gravenor Building takes its name from Andrew White, S.J., and John Gravenor, S.J., two of the first Jesuits to come to Maryland in 1634. The building was completed in 1933.” Either that date is wrong, or they really knew how to finish a building fast back then. Continue reading


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GU Releases New Renderings for Athletic Center

Georgetown University has gone back and forth with the Old Georgetown Board over the design of their planned new athletic center. Too big at one point, too small at another, GU has been a bit whip-lashed.

They’ve now released new designs of the facility (h/t the Hoya):

These designs ostensibly address the concerns of the Commission of Fine Arts expressed that the last designs were “too residential”:

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Jim_Malone.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Georgetown football victory wins bride for student (in 1927).
  • GM heard that the Magic Wardrobe closed its Middleburg store last month, so it seems highly unlikely the Georgetown location will reopen after a tax dispute shut them down last week.


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GU Identifies New Satellite Campus

As part of its new campus plan, Georgetown University agreed to identify a new downtown satellite campus for its School of Continuing Studies. The ink is barely dry on the Zoning Commission’s order to approve the plan, and GU has already identified the location of the new campus: 650 Mass Ave.

The new space will accommodate 1,100 students. However, SCS students are unlike most GU students. The programs it offers are generally geared towards working professionals. The new location is perfectly suited to that mission (it’s the building just south of the NPR building, catty-corner to Mt. Vernon Square*). Being so close to downtown and Metro will enable the program to reach many more potential students. Continue reading


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