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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Vox Populi criticizes Georgetown University for their failure to inform students about the reported rape Friday night
  • The Georgetowner reports that White House/Black Market will move into Chico’s vacated space.
  • Don’t forget the Georgetown farmers market tomorrow at Hardy School
Photo of the Green Eclectric Range by Flickr user His Noodly Appendage used under creative commons license.

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Around Town

Seen at the new Georgetown waterfront park:

The Green Electric Range

It’s a public art piece(slash)really easy maze. GM dubs it “The Green Electric Range”. It would be perfect if they added a huge sculpture of a tea-kettle.

Green Electric Range - Detail

It’s a fun design, although GM is a little nervous about how well painted concrete will hold up over the years. Will the green rub off? Will the concrete get stained, like all concrete does? GM notes that there is already a big bike tire tread mark on it. Hopefully NPS has a maintenance plan in place.


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