Around Town

Seen at the new Georgetown waterfront park:

The Green Electric Range

It’s a public art piece(slash)really easy maze. GM dubs it “The Green Electric Range”. It would be perfect if they added a huge sculpture of a tea-kettle.

Green Electric Range - Detail

It’s a fun design, although GM is a little nervous about how well painted concrete will hold up over the years. Will the green rub off? Will the concrete get stained, like all concrete does? GM notes that there is already a big bike tire tread mark on it. Hopefully NPS has a maintenance plan in place.


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9 responses to “Around Town

  1. wouldn’t the proper term for that be a labyrinth?

  2. GM

    Hmmm, wikipedia say yes, but lack of Minotaur says no. So I’m sticking with Green Electric Range.

  3. Part walking meditation, part test pattern. 🙂

  4. Jay Reeder

    If you’re looking for posting ideas, how about a story on what’s happening to the “old” waterfront park (between the spiffy new one and Washington Harbor)? I was shocked last week when I found the old park completely walled off with that ominous-looking “we’re gonna build something here” chain-link fencing.

    So what’s the deal? Is the old park going away?

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  6. you hit the nail on the head. im trying not to imagine what it will look like in a few years.. but this is gtown, so I am more hopefull.

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