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48 Years Ago Tonight

Joe Alsop's House

It  was exactly 48 years ago tonight that the resident of 2720 Dumbarton Ave. heard a knock at his door and opened it to find John F. Kennedy standing there in the falling snow, less than 14 hours after being inaugurated President. That resident was journalist and socialite Joe Alsop and his was the only private residence Kennedy visited that evening. Some stories claim that Kennedy stayed there till dawn smoking cigars and talking with his friend Alsop. More stories, however, state that Kennedy stayed only for a few hours, had a bowl of terrapin soup, and headed back to the White House around 3:00 AM. (Although, yet another line of stories state that he stayed long enough for a brief liaison with Angie Dickinson, or some other young starlet).

Some in Georgetown may insist that the neighborhood is still at the center of the DC political universe; but there will be no doors in Georgetown knocked upon by Obama tonight. Maybe that shows how far Georgetown has fallen, or maybe it just shows how special that night was 48 years ago.

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