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Late Hours – The Coda

So after all that Sturm und Drang over the late hours at the restaurants and bars around town, the inaugural fest is over. According to DCist, crime was actually relatively low for the weekend. 4 AM is way past GM’s bedtime, so he didn’t get to verify whether those establishments identified as night owls would take advantage of the relaxed rules or whether M St. was turned into a all-night noise machine. So did anyone stay up till 4 pounding beers at Clyde’s, martinis at Bodega, and, err, baguettes at Le Pain Quotidien? What was M St. like?

Just no one try to claim they won a beefcake contest at Modern. We know you’re lying.


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48 Years Ago Tonight

Joe Alsop's House

It  was exactly 48 years ago tonight that the resident of 2720 Dumbarton Ave. heard a knock at his door and opened it to find John F. Kennedy standing there in the falling snow, less than 14 hours after being inaugurated President. That resident was journalist and socialite Joe Alsop and his was the only private residence Kennedy visited that evening. Some stories claim that Kennedy stayed there till dawn smoking cigars and talking with his friend Alsop. More stories, however, state that Kennedy stayed only for a few hours, had a bowl of terrapin soup, and headed back to the White House around 3:00 AM. (Although, yet another line of stories state that he stayed long enough for a brief liaison with Angie Dickinson, or some other young starlet).

Some in Georgetown may insist that the neighborhood is still at the center of the DC political universe; but there will be no doors in Georgetown knocked upon by Obama tonight. Maybe that shows how far Georgetown has fallen, or maybe it just shows how special that night was 48 years ago.

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Georgetown’s Inaugural Balls

Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Ball 1925 - Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Ball 1925 - Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Most of us are probably sick and tired of all the inaugural festivities before they even begin. But if you still have the energy, the lack of plans, and a desire to keep local, what are you to do? Well GM has identified three Georgetown balls (well, two Georgetown balls and one “Georgetown” ball) that you might be interested in. Find out more after the jump:

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From the Department of Peculiar Voluntary Agreement Clauses

The Georgetown Current this week chimes in on the late night bar issue (which, by the way, GM covered extensively already). Doing the things that real journalists do, Carol Buckley dug a bit deeper into the issue and discovered that some of the bars that have voluntary agreements will nonetheless be able to stay open late since the agreements say nothing about hours. That apparently includes Le Pain Quotidien, Neyla, and Modern.

Buckley found another priceless nugget. For whatever reason, the ANC didn’t think to insist on setting hours for Modern’s voluntary agreement. But what did they ban in the agreement?

Wet tee-shirt contests and “beefcake” competitions.


It truly bares repeating that at some point our elected officials apparently expressed a concern that M St. was turning into Venice Beach. Not mentioned in the article, but Rhino Bar’s voluntary agreement bans “kicking sand in our faces” and/or “breaking our nerdy glasses and stealing our girlfriend”.

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WMATA Tries Out Bus Only Lanes For Obama Day

The Washington Post is reporting that there will be bus-only lanes through Georgetown from Wisconsin Ave. to Washington Circle in Foggy Bottom on Inauguration Day. They write:

Although widespread bridge and street closures will restrict personal vehicle access, Metrobuses will be allowed to use both and will use special bus-only lanes through Georgetown from Wisconsin Avenue to Washington Circle (23rd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue), for example, bypassing regular traffic.

It’s a little unfortunate that the Washington Post feels the need to explain to its readers where Washington Circle is. But that aside, what they don’t do is say what road will have the bus-only lane. It could be either M St. or K St. Which is it? Find out that and how you might want to get used to the lane for the future, after the jump:

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ABRA-Cadabra: A Final List of Georgetown Bars that Will Stay Open Late

According to the Capital Spice blog, the final list of bars and restaurants that will be open late in the District for the inauguration was released by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Administration on Friday. Some of those establishments are in Georgetown, however only a handful of them are going to be able to serve alcohol late due to them not having a voluntary agreement. Find out who after the jump:

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What Georgetown Bars Might Be Open Late

As the Washington Post reports, 213 venues have applied to the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration to stay open late on Inauguration weekend. Apparently a large number of those are in Ward 2. As reported on this blog, any bar in Georgetown with a voluntary agreement was not able to apply to ABRA to stay open late since neither the ANC nor CAG gave their consent to amend the VAs. When reporting this, GM was surprised to find out there were any Georgetown bars without a voluntary agreement. Well a review of ABRA records shows that there are lotsof bars in Georgetown without VAs, many of which are the type of place that would apply to stay open late and the type of place that a lot of residents really wish wouldn’t. Full list after the jump:

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