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Now and a Long Time Ago: 33rd and N St.

This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM heads back to Camelot. Or rather just before.

GM’s never been a huge fan of the Kennedy nostalgia, particularly as it relates to their connection with Georgetown. There were a lot more interesting things going on in the neighborhood back then and the obsession of everything Kennedy is more than a little creepy.

That said, GM has always liked the photo from 1959 of Kennedy swooping one-year-old Caroline up in his arms as Jackie watches on in front of their home on N St. It’s by Mark Shaw, who took many intimate portraits of the family.

Now with his own one-year-old daughter, whom he also loves to swoop up in the air, GM’s fondness for this shot has grown.

Little has changed physically from 1959. The side-porch of the house on the right was enclosed, and (as is almost always the case with these now-and-then-shots) there is far less tree coverage.

Kennedy ran for president from this house, and left it to head to his inauguration on a freezing and snowy January day less than two years later.



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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Chris DiGiamo.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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