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DPR Agrees to Add Second Volta Park Co-Op

Last week, GM mentioned that on the agenda for the ANC meeting tonight was a request to expand the Volta Park Cooperative Play program by one class for 18-29 month-old children. Currently there is one class and it is only open to 2 1/2 – 5 year old children. There was a lot of positive response from parents when asked whether they’d be interested in a program that starts earlier.

DPR didn’t initially agree to expand the program. However, GM can report that after polite pressure from ANC Chairman Ron Lewis, DPR has reversed course and will add the second class. As a new parent and a neighbor of Volta Park, GM is excited this new option will become available.


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Kids and Georgetown

Kids On Georgetown Street

Kids on the street - Georgetown 1935 - Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

 It is often said that there are are few children in Georgetown these days. It is easy to see where people might get that idea: most homes large enough to house a family comfortably (even by townhouse standards) are too expensive for young families to afford.  Plus, you just don’t see that many kids running around the neighborhood that often. With that in mind it’s interesting to look at the numbers and see exactly how many kids there are in Georgetown and how that compares to other DC neighborhoods of similar demographics.

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