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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Dolley Madison family day tomorrow 10 to 2 at Dumbarton House. Come celebrate Dolley’s escape from the White House (Dumbarton House was her first stop) with games and cake.
  • After celebrating the War of 1812, come over and let the National Parks Service tell you about Georgetown during the Civil War. It’s at 12:15 at the C & O Canal at Thomas Jefferson St.
  • A resident suggested to the Georgetown listserv that DDOT install speed bumps next to Montrose Park. GM thinks people speed too much there (which is to say they speed at all), but that other traffic calming measures are more effective (such as resurfacing the road with something rougher than asphalt). What do you think?
Photo by Flickr user Laura Padgett used under Creative Commons.

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