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Georgetown’s Lost Country Club

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

GM’s really into history this week! Yesterday he brought you the fascinating 1903 survey maps that show every building in Georgetown at the time. Some of the larger institutional or commercial buildings are labeled, and one in particular caught his eye. It was on Mount Hope, the large home that is at 3308 R St. GM knew this house was famous for once being owned by the legendary hostess (and Hope diamond owner) Evelyn Walsh McLean. But in 1903, this property was labeled as something called the “Dumbarton Club”. A little digging turned up this description from the 1951 book “A Portrait of Old George Town” by Grace Dunlap Ecker:

Mr. Robinson’s beautiful daughter, Margaret, married Thomas Campbell Cox, son of Colonel John Cox, and they lived at Mount Hope until they moved to Gay Street. I remember Mrs. Cox as an old lady, still beautiful, and regal in bearing. The Weaver family lived there after that until the early 1900’s, when this place was used as the Dumbarton Club. It had very good tennis courts, and for a while a nine-hole golf course where the suburb of Berleith [sic] ┬áis now.

So Georgetown once had a country club? Somehow GM’s not very surprised.


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