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Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Dumbarton

This week on Not So Long Ago, GM stops by Wisconsin Ave. and Dumbarton.

The three shops in the current photo are Focus, Ice Berry, and Coogi (with Glow tanning salon upstairs).

Way back in 1993, these three shops were almost all different. Where Focus is, there was Coffee, Tea & Spice. This store was owned by the Rowe family for many years. GM’s not sure when they closed up shop. There is another Coffee, Tea & Spice shop down in Old Town, but GM is not sure whether or how they were related.

Oddly enough, Georgetown still has three tea-oriented shops: Just Paper & Tea on P, Georgetown Spice & Tea Exchange, and Ching Ching Cha (the last two on Wisconsin just below M).

Next to Coffee, Tea & Spice was Originals, a clothing store. This store stayed open until last year when it was replaced by the second Ice Berry in Georgetown (thus filling in the Ice Cream No-Man’s Land, which GM subsequently renamed the “Dessert Desert”).

Next to Originals was some sort of a jewelry store, whose name is not apparent from the old photo, unfortunately.

Sorry this isn’t a terribly interesting Not So Long Ago entry, but sadly GM is reaching the end of the pile of old photos he has and he’s used up most of the good ones.



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