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The Morning Metropolitan

Georgetown Market window by Alykat.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Two Georgetown patios make it into Metrocurean’s Five Great Hidden Patios.
  • The new Circulator route is up and running, have you tried it yet? GM didn’t realize that they changed up the old route too. Now when it comes into Georgetown, it will come along K St. and up Wisconsin. Eastbound it stays on M St. This is a confusing and frustrating change. Moreover, there wasn’t any prior announcement made about this change (and it wasn’t like the Blue Bus change was that well communicated either). GM wasn’t even positive about the route so he checked the Circulator website last night. It wasn’t working. Unfortunately, poor communication appears to go hand-in-hand with the Circulator.


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Puro Cafe Opens

Way back in October, GM first reported on the impending opening of Puro Cafe on upper Wisconsin Ave. For a small cafe, it really seemed to take a long time to actually open. But today the wait is finally over and Puro Cafe opened its doors to the public. GM stopped by for lunch and he can attest that the wait was worth it.

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter Puro Cafe is that you’ll feel like you walked into a high-end hair salon. Think of it as if Ilo started selling paninis: the aesthetic stark and modern, the music background-techno.

As GM reported last October, the design team behind Puro Cafe is Tasty Concepts, who are actually located just upstairs from the cafe. They are also the design team behind restaurants like Mei N Yu and West End, and their professional hand is evident throughout Puro Cafe.

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New Cafe to Open on Upper Wisconsin

New Cafe to Open on Upper Wisconsin

GM noticed that a new cafe is set to up on upper Wisconsin Ave. In the space previously occupied by the boutique Pink November (1529 Wisconsin, just south of the Chevy Chase Bank) Puro Cafe will be opening soon. Continue reading

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