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Why Not: Build a Ferry to Roosevelt Island?

Last weekend, as GM was taking in the newly completed waterfront park, his eyes (as well as many of the eyes of his fellow layabouts) were drawn to Roosevelt Island. It sits so tantalizingly close to Georgetown, yet it’s a true pain in the ass to visit. From the waterfront park, it’s over a mile walk across the Key Bridge and along a highway. This situation inspired GM to dust off his “Why Not” feature to ponder: why not build a ferry between the Georgetown Waterfront Park and Roosevelt Island?

The distance between the park and the island is just over 100 yards. It would be possible to build a small pedestrian ferry to shuttle small groups of people back and forth from the waterfront park amphitheater to the island. All that would be needed would be a small dock at either end. The ferry could be wire guided or simply be a small independent boat.

Connected this way, the two parks would truly complement each other. The waterfront park is beautifully landscaped and sunny, but it doesn’t provide that much in the way of footpaths. To walk a mile, you’d probably have to walk in a circle a couple times. Roosevelt Island, on the other hand, is almost nothing but paths and wild nature. With an easy connection, visitors could come to the waterfront park, have a picnic, and then make their way over to the island for a hike. Continue reading



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