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Community Celebrates Sara’s Market Keepers

Last night, members of the upper East Village community gathered at the home of Dena & Charles Verrill to celebrate Andrew and Suk Yang Johnson, owners of Sara’s Market. After running Sara’s Market for 19 years, Andy and Suk Yang have decided to turn over the reins. They will continue to own the building, but have leased the market out to new operators. Best of all, they live just a couple blocks away and will be customers just like the rest of us. So they will make sure the market maintains its great quality.

And from what GM can tell, the new operators will be great. For one thing, you barely have to memorize new names; they’re named Andy and Sue. And they are very friendly and appear to have the energy necessary to keep this vital neighborhood resource in good shape. Continue reading

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Favorite Things – #7 – Sara’s Market

While he is on his honeymoon, GM is publishing his top ten favorite things about Georgetown. Today is number 7: Sara’s Market.

Sara’s Market is one of the stars in Georgetown’s neighborhood market constellation. It’s been “Sara’s” for over 80 years and shopping at a store like Sara’s is what makes living in a city so enjoyable. GM normally hops off the D2, walks across the street, grabs milk or whatever else he’s lacking, and walks a couple blocks home. No driving to a huge parking lot. No lines. No huge loads of groceries. Just what you need for a couple of days to get you to your next unpleasant trip to Safeway wherever your going to for the next year.

Proprietors Andy and Suk Yang Johnson are on a first-name basis with many customers and are happy to chat about the comings and goings in the neighborhood. As the lower East Village fears the potential loss of their neighborhood market Scheele’s, GM is happy to note that the Johnsons own their property and are thus in control of their destiny. Also, they are proposing to add a dry cleaner drop-off service, which will only increase the store’s utility to its neighbors.

For these reasons, GM selects Sara’s Market as his seventh favorite thing about Georgetown.


8: Bistro Lepic

9: Q St.’s Elms

10: Abundance of Stores

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ANC Round Up

GM normally tries to draw out some sort of a theme or thread of ANC meetings, but some just refuse to comply. Thus it is with tonight’s ANC meeting, so GM will dispense with the thematic jokes and dive right in to the highlights after the jump:

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ANC May Preview

Next Monday, ANC2E will meet for their May session. GM’s hopeful that like the several months before it, this coming meeting is not nearly as boring in person as it looks on paper. GM crosses his fingers and trudges through the highlights for you after the jump:

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Sara’s Market Applies to Add Dry Cleaning Service

While one neighborhood market faces an uncertain future, another looks to expand its offerings. Sara’s Market on Q and 30th is applying for a special exception to allow them to set up a dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up establishment.

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