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Why Not: Secede From Washington?

Yesterday, GM’s fellow Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt suggested a provocative solution to Georgetown’s problems: secession. She writes:

We could be the City of Georgetown or the Town of Georgetown. Regardless, have our own mayor, our own council, our own police force (on some streets we already do), our own public school system, contract out – like DC does – for a lot of the utility work (think: plowing snow), our own parking enforcement, our own ABC Board, and use our local tax dollars for Georgetown’s own needs. We already provide a local bus system.

Reading her post reminded GM that he has long been thinking about adding another installment in his Why Not? series about this very question. As long as Carol has started the conversation, GM might as well chime in.

Bit of History:

Bit of history first: The municipality of Georgetown was created as a town by Maryland in 1789. When the District of Columbia was formed from parts of Maryland and Virginia, Georgetown was included. But it remained a separate municipality within the District until 1871 when it was merged with the city of Washington. Ever since then the city of Washington and the District of Columbia have been one in the same (actually, technically speaking the city of Washington ceased to exist in 1871 as well). Continue reading


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