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Georgetown Theater Scene

When proselytizing for Georgetown, one of GM’s primary arguments is that what makes Georgetown great is how incredibly diverse its offerings are. In approximately one square mile, Georgetown has over 500 stores and restaurants, with an incredible variety of offerings, four fantastic city parks, perhaps the most beautiful gardens in the country, and a world class university. But today, GM wanted to focus on a less known facet of Georgetown: its theater scene.

Georgetown is hardly the White Way, and it’s not like DC’s downtown “theater district” either, but it’s got several solid theatrical resources right here.

Georgetown University

One thing that GM greatly laments about the endless town-gown conflicts between GU and its neighbors is that Georgetown’s non-students take so little advantage of what a great resource GU is. And GU’s theater offerings are among those great resources.

Georgetown has five different theater troupes: the Mask and Bauble (one of the country’s oldest college theater companies), the Black Theater Ensemble, Nomadic Theater, the Georgetown Improv Association, and (perhaps a future favorite of GM’s) the Georgetown University Children’s Theater.

Sure, GU isn’t Julliard or Tisch, but these troupes produce quality live entertainment throughout the year. And hey, Bradley Cooper and Carl Reiner went to GU, so you never know… Continue reading



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Is This Georgetown?

Photo by Stan Barouh.

GM was invited Tuesday night to come watch Woolly Mammoth’s newest production, Clybourne Park, and answer the question: is this Georgetown?

Clybourne Park is a wonderful new play by Bruce Norris that serves as an updated companion piece to Lorraine Hansberry’s legendary play A Raisin in the Sun. The new play explores two critical moments in the life of a house and a neighborhood: the first at the dawn of White flight and the second in the heart of the gentrification fight of today’s “post-racial” world.

The quick answer to Woolly Mammoth’s provocative question is: No, at least superficially, Georgetown is not Clybourne Park. Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, not much in the way of news today, so enjoy this news-free day by:

Photo by Flickr user M.V. Jantzen used under Creative Commons.

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