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Now and A Long Time Ago: West Georgetown School

This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM heads up old “High Street” (now known as Wisconsin Ave.) to visit the old West Georgetown school. GM has written about this school before:

[Opened in 1910] the new West Georgetown School…was not like other schools in Georgetown. It was a vocational school targeted towards poor mothers.

Opening in 1912, the school offered cooking and food preservation classes to adults. The school eventually became known as the Central Lunch Kitchen and in 1934 began serving free hot lunches to 4,500 children as part of the Civil Works Administration. The school provided mothers with culinary and child care instruction.  It also taught reading to illiterate adults.

From 1942 through 1949 the school offered canning classes as part of a culinary arts program. It appears that by 1950 the building no longer hosted classes and was converted to office and storage space for the school system.

The District finally sold the building in 1954. It has held a variety of tenants, most recently the American College of Surgeons. It was sold last year to the African Union, which is in the process of renovating the building.

The old photo above is probably from around 1917. One thing that GM noticed from the old photo: overhead wires. That supposed scourge of historical vistas was here in Georgetown north of P St. (where streetcars switched from underground to overhead power). Continue reading



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A Survey of the Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: the West Georgetown School

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Last week GM began a new series, a survey of the historic school buildings of Georgetown. Today he continues with the second school building: the West Georgetown School.

West Georgetown School

1640 Wisconsin Ave.

Built: 1911

Architect: Snowden Ashford

Current Owner: American College of Surgeons

Current Use: Commercial Office Space

Brief Story: You wouldn’t think it was once a school from looking at it, but the elegant Neo-Georgian building at 1640 Wisconsin Ave. was once the West Georgetown School.

There were actually two West Georgetown Schools. Continue reading


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