Georgetown’s Thought Journal

Walking through the Georgetown waterfront park, you may stumble on a bench that doesn’t look like any of the other ones. As you can see above, it’s wooden and has a circular back to it. But what really sets it apart is a little yellow book that stashed away underneath the bench:

It’s an all-weather journal that’s been attached to the bench. It, along with the bench, was put there by an organization called the TKF Foundation, which seeks to create sacred spaces. At these sacred places, they install a bench just like this one with a book and invite people to contribute their thoughts.

Thoughts like these (you may have to click through to the slideshow to make out the words):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some of GM’s favorite nuggets:

Sam and I have our birthdays tomorrow so we celebrated today with a trip to DC to see art and eat hamburgers.

Mom, I am now sitting on the bench with Uncle Jose watching the ice, tree, and pathway…

J…I love living alongside you, C

The bulk of the messages are warm ones (December 25th’s screed aside) so it would seem that the bench has achieved the goal of the TKF Foundation to create a sacred space.

So next time you’re down by the river, take a powder on the wooden bench and add your piece to the Georgetown Thought Journal. (If you’re not in enough of a contemplative mood, take a walk on the Green Electric Range first to get in the spirit).




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5 responses to “Georgetown’s Thought Journal

  1. God, don’t tell Carol Joynt about this……..there aren’t enough pages in the book.

  2. Constant Reader

    Just what the neighborhood needs — more bad writers in search of an editor.

    (Please, God, isn’t The Georgetowner punishment enough?)

  3. Mom

    Jennifer would love this! ….. another collaborative book.

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