Georgetown’s Inaugural Balls

Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Ball 1925 - Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Calvin Coolidge's Inaugural Ball 1925 - Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Most of us are probably sick and tired of all the inaugural festivities before they even begin. But if you still have the energy, the lack of plans, and a desire to keep local, what are you to do? Well GM has identified three Georgetown balls (well, two Georgetown balls and one “Georgetown” ball) that you might be interested in. Find out more after the jump:

Georgetown Inaugural Gala

Shops at Georgetown

The first ball in question is called the Georgetown Inaugural Gala. This event will be held within the Shops at Georgetown and is being sponsored by B.B. Productions. The website promises music from the Old White Grand Piano and “Washington, DC’s finest harpist”.

The Lowdown

  • Cost: $125 General Admission, $195 VIP – “Distinguished Guest”
  • Special Offering: The Buffalo Soldiers and their well adorned ladies
  • Chance of Obama showing up: zero

The Georgetown Inaugural Ball

Georgetown Inaugural Ball

From the group that everyone loves to hate, Late Night Shots, comes the Georgetown Inaugural Ball. Or rather it should be called the “Georgetown” Inaugural Ball seeing as it doesn’t have any discernable connections to Georgetown. It’s located at Shadowroom (21st and K) in Foggy Bottom. It’s sponsored by a group of mostly non-Georgetowners whose connection to the neighborhood seems to be limited only to frequent attendence at two bars. So, you know, whatever.


  • Cost: A bargain at $80, with reserved tables in a sliding scale up to $1000
  • Special Offering: One of those floozies from the unfortunately upcoming “Blond Charity Mafia” plus a bunch of dudes with last-name-first-names like Winston, Fletcher, and Trenholm
  • Chance of Obama showing up: Less than zero

Georgetown University Inaugural

Georgetown University

According to Vox Populi, Georgetown University is hosting its own inaugural ball on campus. It’s sponsored by the student groups: NAACP, Women in Politics, GUSA, SOCA, CMEA and the Center for Student Programs, and it’s to located at the Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall. Dress is “Formal”.


  • Price: $5, a steal even on a college kid’s budget
  • Special Offering: Hmmm, convenience?
  • Chance Obama will show up:  zero point zero


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11 responses to “Georgetown’s Inaugural Balls

  1. ballsie McBalls


  2. mg

    The names of the dudes at the Shadowroom shindig are hilarious. Grant, Reed, Fletcher, Trenholm, Das…and Bill.

  3. GM

    Actually, that Bill is Bill Dean. And he knows how to throw a pretty awesome party.

  4. DeskJockey

    Holy crap… I know some of those LNSers. Trenholm’s first name is George, by the way.

  5. irritated attendee

    This event was a country mess. It was held in a shopping center and they served food on plastic plates and drinks in plastic cups. SHAMEFUL. It was a hot, country mess!!! I am mad that I even wasted my time and money when I could have been at a REAL ball. Lord bless the organizers but they might want to consider attending event management courses because the event was not elegant enough to be called a ball much less an “Inaugural Ball”. It should have been called a dance (and I am being nice saying that).

  6. irritated attendee

    And that’s another thing. I had a cocktail party at my house recently and went to IKEA to get wine glasses. They could have at least done that!!! The wine glass thing was the last straw. And the champagne that they served was worse than cooks. SHAMEFUL!!!

  7. irritated attendee

    The point is that the glasses came out to about 36 cents each.

  8. irritated attendee

    you mean to tell me they couldn’t spend that? Shameful.

  9. Disgusted & Insulted

    I walked into the shopping mall and was thoroughly disgusted. Who wants to celebrate one of the most significant nights in our country’s history in between Sharper Image and Victoria Secrets? I was a “VIP” guest and I politely asked a hostess for the VIP section. She looked at me a bit perplexed and said, “hold on.” Five minutes later I saw men dressed in suits pulling out patio furniture to set up the VIP next to another retail store. The food was atrocious. Please don’t misunderstand I love chicken. But, must we throw down on finger lickin’ good hot wings at an inaugural ball. I put on a beautiful and elegant formal gown for hot wings. Unbelievable! I mean come on people… If this event is repeated, I recommend you start the committee now for Obama reelection. And, do some research. Start fund-raising, get some corporate sponsorship, and attend a few worthy functions and take notes. And, please, please, I beg of you, NO paper plates, plastic cups or plastic utensils. Actually, their pretty inexpensive to rent.

  10. ballsie McBalls

    End balls.

  11. julianna

    I to was very disappionted . My sister and I paid$250 each. I wanted to attend this event because it said that we would be escorted in by Bufalo Soldiers. I was thrilled about this because my maternal grandfather was in the 10th Cavalry. This is the 100th anniversary of there return from the Phillipines.
    I echo the other writers comments. The people even served meat loaf!!!!!!I spoke to the promoters that night. thr m.c. said wasn’t a great day? I said that thiss function was below par. She assured me that she wanted us to be ,so she would issue us refunds. We have not heard a word from them.

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