From the Department of Peculiar Voluntary Agreement Clauses

The Georgetown Current this week chimes in on the late night bar issue (which, by the way, GM covered extensively already). Doing the things that real journalists do, Carol Buckley dug a bit deeper into the issue and discovered that some of the bars that have voluntary agreements will nonetheless be able to stay open late since the agreements say nothing about hours. That apparently includes Le Pain Quotidien, Neyla, and Modern.

Buckley found another priceless nugget. For whatever reason, the ANC didn’t think to insist on setting hours for Modern’s voluntary agreement. But what did they ban in the agreement?

Wet tee-shirt contests and “beefcake” competitions.


It truly bares repeating that at some point our elected officials apparently expressed a concern that M St. was turning into Venice Beach. Not mentioned in the article, but Rhino Bar’s voluntary agreement bans “kicking sand in our faces” and/or “breaking our nerdy glasses and stealing our girlfriend”.


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