ANC Preview: Will Apple Show Up?

ANC2E’s February meeting is scheduled for next Monday (yes, Monday not Tuesday) February 2nd. In addition to the new day, they are moving locations as well. They will now meet in the Georgetown Visitation’s Dance Studio, which is “the building with the large windows at the east end of the first parking lot.”

Besides the obvious excitement that will come from a new time and a new place, the agenda is a doozy. Bring the popcorn and find out why after the jump:

To start off, Jack Evans will be there to address the community for some reason. OK, not that exciting but that’s just the undercard for night.

A few quick items, and then, BAM, gun stores in Georgetown! It’ll probably just be a chance for the ANC to sound off about how dismayed they are about the fact that gun stores could theoretically open in Georgetown, but it should lead to some primo bloviating.

After gun stores, it’s right into the Georgetown Library. On-hand architect Commissioner Skelsey was unrelenting in his criticism of the most recent plans back in December. Essentially it boiled down into the conflicting uses of the library’s spaces: to what extent can a library use the same space as a working library and a community meeting room. Will Skelsey ever be satisfied!? Find out Monday…

After a bit of an intermission, the big show starts. Quick background: the townhouse right next to Georgetown Cupcakery was recently turned from a private residence into a late night pizza joint. Philly Pizza & Grill (not to be confused with Philadelphia Pizza Company on 34th st.) ignored just about every single rule in the zoning and ANC book in the process of opening. The neighbors are extremely pissed about the noise, smell, parking, and trash from their new neighbor. The restaurant owners came to the January ANC meeting to ask for approval for a change to their ventilation system, which is like going to ask your mom if it’s ok to borrow the car after you took it the night before without permission and drove it off a cliff. Expect some serious sparks the fly over this kerfuffle.

And saving the best for last: Apple returns! After teasing us with a last minute back-out from January’s meeting, will Apple actually show up this time? If they do, will they have gotten the message? GM will be there to purloin the designs and will share them with you poste haste.

Here are some predictions by GM:

What they should propose:

They Should Do

What they’ll probably propose:

What They'll Probably Do



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3 responses to “ANC Preview: Will Apple Show Up?

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  2. Chris

    Did you cut out a piece of the DC library and paste a big Apple logo on it? I like your moxie.

  3. damn good photoshopping there! 🙂

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