Is This Haunted or Something?

Is This House Haunted or Something?

How else to explain a four-bedroom home on the 3100 block of P St. selling for only $1.195 million?

How can $1.195 be a great deal you ask? Well, another four bedroom house of a similar size just down the block is selling for $2.49 million. Take a closer look at this (perhaps haunted?) house after the jump:

What is it about this four bedroom, two full bath, and two half bath gives it a cool 1 mil discount? Here’s how the realtor describes it:

A rare opportunity to restore an original Federal rowhouse in the heart of Georgetown. Built circa 1860, this estate is on the market for the first time in half a century. It is situated on one of the neighborhood’s most desirable blocks. The home features a formal LR & DR, 2 master suites, 3 FP’s, a deck overlooking a deep southern garden and a screened-in porch.

Hmm, so it’s an opportunity to “restore” an 1860 home? Even if it’s pretty beat up inside, it’s still got to be one of the best deals to hit Georgetown in a while. Just check out how big the back yard is:

Back Yard

So come on, level with us Sotheby’s. Is it haunted? Poltergeist? Superfund site?

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