ANC Preview – Apple Returns, North Face Arrives


ANC2E will meet for its March meeting 6:30 pm next Monday at Georgetown Visitation (back at the old location in the main building). GM breaks down the agenda after the jump:

Fans of Samuel Beckett plays may love this meeting. It’s like we’re going through the exact same meeting month after month, why? Because:

  1. Apple’s Back Again. As covered extensively by your’s truly, Apple must be feeling a sense of deja vu. The ANC approved their tradionalish design last month only to have the Old Georgetown Board send them back to the drawing board. Again. Will Apple respond with less glass at the street level, like the OGB seems to be hung up on? We’ll see.
  2. WASA’s Back Again. Last month, a representative from WASA got quite a tongue-lashing for the state of Georgetown’s fire hydrants. The rep was rather caught off guard by it. Don’t expect that again. This meeting will be major damage control for WASA, something they’re having to do a lot of these days.
  3. Safeway’s Back Again. Reps from Safeway return to discuss their timetable and transportation plan. Just like they did last month.
  4. Dixie’s Back Again. Last month Dixie Liquors sought an exception to the single sales ban. The Commission was skeptical. Bill Starrels predicted a drunkard’s paradise at Key Park. GM supports such colorful language at the ANC. Here are some more phrases for Starrels if he comes up short when the moment’s right: “a hobo’s Eden” “a tramp’s wonderland”, or “a wastrel’s Shangra-La”. Just some ideas…
  5. Philly Pizza’s Back Again. Two month’s ago, the proprietors of Philly Pizza showed up to get a new HVAC system approved. What they weren’t expecting was a mob of angry neighbors. It seems that they have violated a bunch of zoning rules to build their store, and so before they even get to an HVAC system, they’ve got a lot of ‘splaynin to do.
  6. Bad Urban Design’s Back Again.  The owners of 1724 are requesting a variance to build a curb-cut. As a general principal, curb-cuts are bad for the neighborhood. They turn sidewalks into driveways. However, with this application, it’s tough to figure out what sort of curb-cut they’re even requesting:
  7. It doesn’t look like there’s any driveway or garage to access, so this must be some other type of curb-cut.

And then just when you thought it was the same thing over and over again, Godot North Face arrives!

And that’s it. At least for now. GM’s been lobbying the Commissioners to talk about the D Series bus study and how bad of an idea it is to turn the D2 into a cross-town route, and perhaps they’ll mention it just to shut him up. But it’s unlikely we’ll see any formal resolution on the issue.

Final note: last month we had no fewer than five journalists and quasi-journalists covering the meeting. We had the Georgetown Metropolitan, the Georgetown Voice, the Georgetown Current, the Georgetowner, and, well, Fox 5. Who ever said journalism’s dying?



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6 responses to “ANC Preview – Apple Returns, North Face Arrives

  1. Brian

    WMATA came to a meeting in Glover Park last Tuesday and got an earful from the neighbors about the proposed D2 bus — there was a unanimous outcry not to change the D2. There’s also been a fair number of comments on he Glover Park newsgroup, and emails opposing the change that have gone to WMATA. By the time WMATA’s representative left, he was giving the clear message that he had heard the community and that there would not be any changes.

    Keep up the good work – absent your blog posts on the proposed D2 change it might have slipped by with no input from Glover Park, the community most affected by the change.

  2. GM

    That’s great news. I was planning to email the Glover Park ANC about it because, as you say, Glover Park is by far the most dependent on the D2 and I don’t think there have been any Glover Park residents at the two WMATA public meetings on it (I’ve been the only Georgetown resident). Glad to hear word got to them already.

    If an irrelevant neighborhood blog can’t get riled up about a municipal bus route change, it’s not worth the pixels its written on…

  3. fight that curb cut as much as you can. we currently have a proposal for a curb cut over in bloomingdale that i’m opposed to, but the ANC is in support of. it seems to me that it only is being proposed so that the owner can park their car with virginia tags off the street so they can avoid getting ticketed (and keep from registering their vehicles in the district). perhaps not, but it’s worth noting.

  4. GM

    I hear you. I oppose curbcuts too. But as you can see from the streetview, it’s really not clear what sort of a curbcut they’re requesting. There’s nowhere for a car to go. The only thing I can think of is that the curbcut itself is around the corner on S St. But for what it’s worth, there already is a curbcut for the alleyway.

    One thing you’ve got to hand to Virginia is that they crack down on out of state plates, even when they’re not parked on public streets. DC could learn a thing or two from that.

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