The North Face to Open in Georgetown

North Face to Open in Georgetown

According to the just announced agenda for next week’s ANC meeting, The North Face is presenting a design concept for a store at 3333 M St. This is the first GM’s ever heard about The North Face opening up in Georgetown, and the Google hasn’t heard about it either.

That space was most recently used for Foto Week DC, and before that it was the doomed-from-the-start Artefacto furniture (when the construction of your building is held up because of a massive sinkhole, that’s not a good omen). It’s a huge space and only so many tenants could carry it, but perhaps the name brand of North Face and it’s proximity to a prime market at Georgetown University will mean success.



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6 responses to “The North Face to Open in Georgetown

  1. mg

    There is something very burger-kingery about this. I was just in Boston and there is a North Face right down the street from a Patagonia. Now they’re doing the same in DC. Its like putting the burger king next to the McDees. Attracting fatties v. attracting the outdoorsy college kids.

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