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I say old man, did you find God yet?

"I say, old man, have you found God yet?"

Father F.H. Tondorf, Prof. David Todd, Father John S. Gipprish (Georgetown Un.), 8/21/24



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6 responses to “From the LOC Archives

  1. Michael Kessler

    Not to be too nit-picky, but the Jesuits were major forces behind the development of science, spurring many important theoretical innovations that built the modern scientific method. The priests in the photo were probably not “looking for God” through the telescope…

  2. GM

    Ok, ok. You’re right. I just couldn’t resist the double-entendre…

  3. Michael Kessler

    I love your blog!

  4. GM


    Also by the way they’re posed, it almost looks like a publicity shot from some community theater. It’s like “F.H. Tondorf, David Todd, and John Gipprish star this weekend in Ralph J. Simonsen’s ‘Catch a Rising Comet’ at the Davistown Country Playhouse.”

  5. Nancy Tondorf

    Hey! That’s my ancestor!

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