Real Estate Website: Incredibly Informative, Sorta Creepy

GM came across a real estate website today that allows you to review real estate news by neighborhood. Georgetown’s is here. While this website has done an amazing job gathering public information, at some point it just gets a little creepy. Find out why after the jump:

Surely there are many real estate news aggregators out there, but GM’s never come across one so complete and yet so able to focus down to the neighborhood level. It’s got the latest sales, the average price over time, and it even has foreclosures (the only one on record was at 29th and P last year: $2.6 million).

Where it starts to get a little creepy is the “stories” section. It lists some of the recent sales and then details who was involved. Ok, nothing too weird there. But then they proceed to give you their professional portrait, tell you where they work, how long they’ve been there, where they went to college, and perhaps even what sport they played there. It’s a parade of successful lawyers, doctors and their resumes. It’s like the New York Times Wedding Section for real estate.

But the NYT Wedding Section is based on submissions, not research. Does anyone know if the subjects of these stories submitted their information, or were they simply Googled by the BlockShopper staff?

Browse through some of them and tell GM whether you agree that they have the feeling of a private investigator’s scribbled notes or not.



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2 responses to “Real Estate Website: Incredibly Informative, Sorta Creepy

  1. Not just creepy they are theives. I found some of my photos on their site. Thankfully I’m not a photographer by profession cause I would be livid.

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