April ANC Preview

ANC meetings seem to be truly feast or famine. One month it’s all Apple stores and late night inaugural parties, the next it’s a month like April: a marathon of alterations and sign permits. To the extent you’re having trouble sleeping, join GM after the jump to see the few highlights in store for the next meeting.

First of all you should take note that the meeting is next Monday, which is still March. It’s not clear why they had to make like a Blue Moon and meet twice in March, but c’est la ANC.

Sorry, No Parking Here, the Homeowners Would Like a GarageOne potential scene of fireworks is the return of the residents of the house on 32nd and S St. asking once again for a curb cut. They seemed rather surprised not to get the ANC’s approval last month (or rather, earlier this month). While GM’s made his case against curb cuts, he’s certainly sympathetic with the residents for being misled by their realtor into thinking they could park off the alleyway when they bought the house. Moreover, they’ve got signatures from a bunch of neighbors consenting to the curb-cut. GM is still generally opposed curb-cuts and believes that a household with a one-to-one ratio of adults to automobiles shouldn’t act like they’re doing us all a favor by reducing their “footprint” to one reserved space directly in front of their house. That said, this wouldn’t be the absolute worst curb-cut in the world, so GM is officially indifferent to the ANC’s decision. (Besides, the curb-cut itself is technically in Burleith, so it’s outside GM’s jurisdiction anyway…)

Beyond curb cuts, it seems like the month of signs. Check out how many places are coming in for sign approval:

  • Basil Thai Restaurant
  • Katten Muchin Rossenman law firm
  • Bodega restaurant (the old “Manhattans”)
  • Vivvy’s Nails
  • Reiss London
  • Yiro
  • Jan’s
  • Fringe
  • Julep

Was there some anti-sign regulation passed recently that is forcing all these places in for a variance? It doesn’t seem to have to do with DDOT’s anti-street sign campaign; these all seem to be affixed to the building.

Anyway, that’s about it. It’ll be a long, boring, endless night. Hopefully next month (or is it next-next month?) there’ll be some more sparks.


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3 responses to “April ANC Preview

  1. My gosh, this sounds just dreadful! I’ll try to make a lot of noise next time I go to Philly P’s or knock over a bunch of trash cans in the area. That oughtta shake things up.

  2. It does look like it’ll be a boring meeting. But one should never really count out the ANC, as police reports and community comments always have potential.

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