ANC2E Meets, Receives No Respect

They were dying out there tonight.  Owners of no less than nine of the twelve properties up for review tonight by the ANC2E simply didn’t show up. No respect, ANC2E, no respect at all…

Well despite GM’s prediction of boring with a chance tedium, tonight’s ANC meeting was at least moderately interesting. On top of no respect being gotten, the old town-and-gown fight was stirred up, Scheeles Market situation was discussed, and yet another pizza place is opening up. Find out more after the jump:

There But For the Grace of 57,000 Votes Goes Adrian Fenty

Tonight none other than Vincent “definitely reject the values of the Washington Post” Orange showed up to the ANC meeting.  He was there to talk on behalf of Pepco about some sort of “4KB to 13KB” conversion project they’re planning. Oh the exciting life of an ex-councilmember and failed mayoral candidate.

Wasn’t the Other “Palooza” Also About Pot?

Until April 15th, DDOT will be engaged in a massive pothole filling campaign that they’ve decided to dub “PotHolepalooza”.


If you know any potholes and want them fixed pronto, call 311 and DDOT will be all over it. At least until April 16 comes.

Georgetown Alumni Back to Terrorize the West Village Again

Georgetown University tonight presented a plan to carry out a second annual and more extensive alumni parade through the West Village during Alumni Weekend this spring. Apparently this is a new tradition they’re trying to start up whereby the various classes of alumni will gather and march together (youngest to oldest) through the village and to the main gate at 37th and O. It looked like it wasn’t going to be terribly controversial until Commissioner Skelsey and a handful of residents started to complain about the parade. Apparently last year it wasn’t quite the august occasion that the University representative was depicting it as (several photos of alumni dancing on the back of a truck were passed around. In GM’s view that doesn’t exactly sound like Bourbon St. on free tequila night, but he wasn’t there so he can’t say for sure).

This really gets at the heart of the whole town-and-gown conflict of the West Village. On the one hand, the university has been there for hundreds of years longer than even the longest term residents. On the other hand, students really are pretty annoying to live near, a fact even the students would probably admit. Simply because residents chose to live there doesn’t mean they should be forced to put up with unreasonable behavior.

Skelsey and the residents suggested alternate routes through the neighborhood to ease the burden on the year-round residents. The University rep seemed at least somewhat open to that. Skelsey and Georgetown student Commissioner Golds will work with the university and the neighbors to hammer out an acceptable plan.

Don’t Trust, And Verify

Mike Peabody, a leader in the fight to save Scheeles Market, spoke tonight about the situation. As feared by many, Marc Teren has put in a bid to purchase the property for $1.325 million.  As discussed here, Mr. Teren has promised to maintain the market, but many are skeptical.  Rather than simply take Mr. Teren at his word, the group is moving ahead with its plan to try to counter Mr. Teren’s bid with their own.  As discussed by GM, even if they can’t raise the money, perhaps they can gain enough leverage to get a binding agreement (for instance a conservation easement) from Mr. Teren to ensure the market’s future.

Quote of the Night:

We can make these things drag out.

                                    – Commissioner Tom Birch in reference to the Apple Store

Odds and Ends:

  • A Farmers Market at the Hardy School will begin on June 13th running every Saturday 9:00 – 1:00 until October 13
  • A new extremely authentic Neapolitan pizza restaurant called “Fratelli La Bufala” will open April 9th in the old Alamo Restaurant location on 31st St. Everything including the chef is right off the boat from Naples, apparently. Commissioner Birch was kind enough to point out to the audience the the name of the restaurant means “Buffalo Brothers” in Italian. Bigger news: they’re offering free pizza on opening day!
  • And finally, GM was mistaken. The curb cut discussed tonight was not the same one from last meeting. Nonetheless it received the same cold reception. It didn’t help that the homeowners didn’t show up. No respect, ANC2E, no respect at all.


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3 responses to “ANC2E Meets, Receives No Respect

  1. Jim McCarthy

    Thanks as always for the good first-hand reporting, GM. Two follow up questions. Did Teren even condescend to show up at the meeting and, if so, did he have anything to say for himself? Second, can you give readers some info on how they might assist or participate in Mike Peabody’s efforts?

  2. GM

    Teren did not show up, but it should be mentioned that the issue wasn’t on the agenda. Mike Peabody brought it up during the community comment period. So Teren had no way of knowing it was even going to be discussed last night.

    Mike asked the audience for the emails of anyone interested in helping out. Unfortunately he left before I could give him mine. I don’t know his contact information, so the best bet would be to email Commissioner Tom Birch at bircht (at) (Scheele’s is in his SMD).

    If anyone else has a better contact, please add it here.

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