When Alumni Attack…A Peaceful Saturday Morning

GM reported on this in the ANC round-up, but Georgetown Current reporter Carol Buckley takes much better notes than him and got the details of the proposed alumni march. Here is the controversial proposed route:

Georgetown Alumni March

The alumni were proposed to gather in front of Trinity Church on 36th St., travel up 36th to O, and walk west to the University gates. This would be a slight modification from last year when they gathered on 36th above O St. and walked south to O and then west to the gates.

Commissioner Skelsey recommended having the route be on 37th St., where the University owns most of the houses. That seems reasonable, but one imagines that the University was hoping that a straight shot down O St. would make for a more “grand” arrival.

While it may seem a bit of an overreaction on the part of the residents, this march is specifically supposed to start a tradition. Given their bristly relationship with the University, most West Village residents are none too keen about establishing a loud annual tradition on their doorstep.

There are fair arguments on both sides, but around here ties seem to go to the residents.

One thing we can all agree on: how cool it is that the Google Street View for Trinity Church is of a wedding

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