Ginkgogate 2009 Averted?

Gingkogate 2009 Averted?

After the putrid travesty of Ginkgogate 2008, it appears that the DC Urban Forestry Administration has learned its lesson: don’t inject female ginkgos with a steroid-like vitamin C super serum.

As the picture above demonstrates, it appears that the city has decided to go back to their old practice of spraying the female ginkgoes. We’ll still have to deal with foul smelling sidewalks, but it will only be for about 4 weeks instead of seven months and counting.

Some trees still have berries hanging on them from last fall, as this picture demonstrates:

The inconvenient fruit

By the way, it appears that this sign is not telling us that we can’t park here. There’s an ‘X’ over the “Emergency No Parking” on all the signs. In the past when they sprayed, the city used different signs that essentially said “Watch out, your car is going to get covered in some weird spray. Move it if you feel like avoiding that.” GM guesses they tossed all those signs last year when they thought the vitamin C idea was going to work perfectly. So residents, GM doesn’t think you have to move your car if you don’t want to, and with hoards of people driving to Georgetown this weekend, it’s probably a good idea to leave your car where it is.

UPDATE: The spraying has begun:


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