Tiki Tacky?

According to the Washington Post, the Georgetown waterfront is soon going to be adding a tiki bar. Agraria, the fresh-ingredient-proselytizing restaurant, is apparently going to undergo a face lift that will include the addition of a tiki bar. 

If there’s one thing that the waterfront doesn’t need, it’s yet another fratty bar, and nothing screams frathouse more than a tiki bar. However, from the WaPo description, it doesn’t sound like the actual bar itself will be that different. They write:

Unfortunately, while we’ll have a wide selection of drinks to choose from, we won’t be sipping navy grog while sitting in some Polynesian paradise full of tiki heads and tall rattan chairs. “The decor of the restaurant won’t change too much,” Motruk Loy says. “We’re making it a little more casual, and we’ll soften it up a bit. But we’re not going to pack up Founding Farmers and bring it over here.”

Ok, so it sounds like all they’re doing is opening a new bar and then trying to start (or follow?) a nostalgic rum drink trend.

GM has been to Founding Farmers and tried their cocktails. They are an homage to the type of hand-crafted drinks that populated prohibition-era bars and they are fantastic. So, tiki heads or not, maybe those drinks will finally make it worth while to tread through the hoards of prom goers, bachelorette parties, and dudes showing off their boats and make our way down there.

Ehh, probably not.


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  1. Yeesh, a place for the Third Edition crowd to go once they have crows’ feet.

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