Favorite Things – #9 – Q St. Elms

GM is on his honeymoon across Europe for the next two weeks. In place of timely articles, he is publishing his top ten favorite things about Georgetown. Today is number 9: Q St.’s elm trees.

As GM has discussed before, we are blessed with a row of beautiful and healthy American Elms along Q St. Cathedral-like canopies of American Elms once shaded countless streets across the country until the dreaded Dutch Elms Disease decimated the population. Only in a few isolated locations do the trees live on. Q St. is one of those locations.

While luck has played a large part in keeping these trees healthy, credit also goes to Trees for Georgetown, an organization that makes sure the trees receive regular inoculations against DED. They perform a great service to our community.

So for the comfortable shade that they create on hot summer days, GM has selected the resilient American Elms of Q St. as his ninth favorite thing about Georgetown.


10 – Abundance of Stores

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