Favorite Things – #10 – Abundance

GM tied the knot on Saturday at the Dumbarton House and now he’s on a two week honeymoon across Europe. As such he won’t be able to write timely articles for the next two weeks. In their place, GM has prepared a list of his top ten favorite things about Georgetown. Starting today at number 10: abundance. As in an abundance of stores, restaurants and other establishments.

As GM’s research discovered a while back, Georgetown is not as overrun with chains as many think. Yes there are a lot of chains, but there are simply a whole lot of establishments period. There over 400 stores, restaurants, and other establishments in Georgetown (it’s probably even close to 500 when you add the streets that were not in GM’s survey). That’s a huge amount of stores for a village of 60 acres.

There are so many stores and restaurants in Georgetown that if you don’t like a certain type of store or restaurant, there probably are a lot of places here that you don’t like. That makes it easy for people to write off the neighborhood because of its chains or because of its fratish bars. But in doing so, people ignore all those stores that they would like if they could see beyond the chains or frat bars.

There are three used and rare book stores in Georgetown, do you think many people know that?

It is that abundance, with its challenge to see beyond the warts, that GM selects as his 10th favorite thing about Georgetown.

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