New Google Maps Icons Odd, Inaccurate

Google Map Quirks in Georgetown

Google Maps has added a new feature recently: icons (at least, that’s what GM is calling them). What they are are little symbols placing certain stores or landmarks on the map. The selection of what items they decided to include is oddly random. And that’s when they get the information correct. Some icons are just completely wrong.

The Odd:

The maps now identify stores on the map without you having to search for them. For instance, this is what M St. looks like now:

M St

Yes, that’s true. Those stores are there. But it’s leaving out a bunch, isn’t it? And why is Mie N You given a square while the other restaurants get a fork and knife?

The same scattershot inclusion carries on throughout the neighborhood.

Dumbarton House and Tudor Place make the map, but Dumbarton Oaks didn’t. Most of the churches are missing too.

Baked & Wired made it. Georgetown Cupcake didn’t.

And of all the sights of Oak Hill Cemetery, including the Renwick Chapel, why is the only sight that was flagged, the Van Ness Mausoleum?

van ness

The Wrong:

While it gets the actual address details correct, Google Maps seems to have a tough time locating some places on the map. For instance, it puts the Embassy of Ukraine on the west side of the Key Bridge, rather than the east side of 34th St.:

Embassy of Ukraine

That’s wrong, but at least it’s close. No such luck for people looking for Christ Church. They’d be wondering around Montrose Park if they trusted Google:

Christs Church

Finally, although this doesn’t relate to the new icons, GM just noticed that the label for the Capital Crescent Trail is wrong too. Starting in the Palisades going east, Google Maps identifies the towpath as the Capital Crescent Trail, not the paved path below:




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2 responses to “New Google Maps Icons Odd, Inaccurate

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