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Google Maps Updates Streetview

One of GM’s favorite things is Google Maps’ Streetview. It enables you to explore a city on foot from the comfort of your computer. One drawback to the service is that the photos they use for the service are pretty old. So if you want to, say, see what a new (or even somewhat new) restaurant looks like, chances are all you’ll find is an image of what used to be there.

But for DC’s Streetview, Google has now jumped forward in time. It’s not quite the present, far from it, but it’s better. Specifically it now shows what DC looked like as of the summer of 2011.

How does GM know it was then? Because he remembers them driving by:

There’s GM, out prowling with his camera, captured for posterity by Google (at least till the update the photos again).

It would be great to have a more updated photo, but it takes a long time to go through each frame a blur faces and signs, etc.



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Google Maps Invades Georgetown Stores

GM was using Google Maps the other day when he stumbled on a new feature: Business Photos. What this is is Google Maps normal Street View technology, which lets you see 360 degrees from the street, but from inside stores. Above you can navigate your way through Patisserie Poupon.

There seem to be a couple dozen stores throughout Georgetown that have signed up for this service. To find them follow these instructions.

1. Open Google Maps.

2. Move your mouse over to the little yellow man in the top left corner and click (and hold down the button):

3. Now drag the little yellow guy over to the street. The stores that have this feature will have a little orange dot:

4. Position him over one of those dots a release the button. It will drop you into the store. You can navigate around the store like you would on the street, and can even walk right out the door. (Alternatively, you can go from the street into the store). Continue reading

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Google Adds Bus Stop Info to Maps

About two weeks ago, Google finally added WMATA transit information to its DC map. So now you can quickly find out how to get from Point A to Point B in the District using the bus and/or metro.

One of the side-benefits to this improvement is that Google maps now shows where all the bus stops are. As you can see above, there are a lot of them in Georgetown. Unfortunately, if you click on the the little icons for each stop, it doesn’t give you any information other than the name of the stop. It would be nice if it were to at least tell you what bus-lines service the stop and where they go. But it’s still nice to be able to quickly locate where a stop specifically is if you only know generally where one is. Continue reading

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Google Knows Your Property Lines

Google Knows Your Property Lines

GM has looked into some quirks in Google Maps’ take on Georgetown. They can’t decide whether its Dumbarton St. or Dumbarton Ave. They see streets that don’t exist. And they can’t place things right.

Well now they’ve recently added property lines to Google Maps. Here’s what our town looks like in Google Maps these days:

Property Lines

What’s particularly interesting in these newly detailed maps of Georgetown is just how much larger a handful of properties in Georgetown are than the rest. While the largest plots are the well known estates like Everymay, Dumbarton Oaks, and Tudor Place. But there are at least six other significant properties like the Bowie-Sevier House on Q St. Continue reading

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More Google Maps Silliness

GM has documented several instances of quirks in Google Maps around town. Well here’s one case where the silliness has the possibility, albeit remote, of actually hurting someone. Say you’re in eastern Georgetown and suddenly need to go to the hospital. If you fire up Google Maps looking for a hospital, you might find youself looking for a doctor in a high-end condo:

Columbia Womens Hospital Not Really a Hospital Anymore

So please: if you need a hospital, remember, Columbia Women’s Hospital is not around anymore.

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New Google Maps Icons Odd, Inaccurate

Google Map Quirks in Georgetown

Google Maps has added a new feature recently: icons (at least, that’s what GM is calling them). What they are are little symbols placing certain stores or landmarks on the map. The selection of what items they decided to include is oddly random. And that’s when they get the information correct. Some icons are just completely wrong.

The Odd:

The maps now identify stores on the map without you having to search for them. For instance, this is what M St. looks like now:

M St

Yes, that’s true. Those stores are there. But it’s leaving out a bunch, isn’t it? And why is Mie N You given a square while the other restaurants get a fork and knife? Continue reading


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Google Map Confusion Continues

As described last week, Google can’t seem to decide whether Dumbarton is a street or an avenue. But at least there’s a historical explanation for the confusion. So can someone please explain why Google thinks that P St. extends from Foxhall Village through Archbold Parkway to Georgetown University?

Google Map Confusion

Is it a remnant of some ancient P St. version of the Klingle Valley Rd. controversy? (This isn’t a reflection of the streetcar trestle, by the way. That’s a lot close to Foxhall Rd.).

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