A Georgetown Palio?

Edith Schafer had an interesting article in this month’s CAG newsletter. In it she described the current situation of Scheele’s market. (Read this for a background on the situation).

When we last heard from Scheele’s, Marc Teren had agreed to buy the building and lease it out to a community group who would lease it back to Teren on the promise to maintain a market there.

Schafer offers a few more details on Teren’s plans than were previously available. According to Schafer, Teren would like to renovate the store and add a butcher and more fresh fruit and vegetables. He is also planning to take out the parking spaces and expand the store.

What role the Lees, who have operated the store for over 20 years, would play is still unclear. GM has even heard that they may leave as soon as Teren closes on the building, a result few around the neighborhood would be happy with.

But what does that have to do with a horse? Well, as a fund raiser to help the community group raise the money to buy the lease from Teren (assuming he can close on the building) Edith Shafer looks to the traditional Italian Palio di Siena, a popular festival revolving around a horse race between rival neighborhoods. Schafer suggests a Georgetown Palio, minus the horses. She writes:

With this image in mind now picture 29th Street, closed to traffic from O to Dumbarton, filled with long tables covered with white tablecloths and many votive candles flickering in the autumn dusk. You would want to be there, we all would. We want to celebrate, applaud and support Scheele’s as we have these many years.

While the current situation for Scheele’s Market and the Lees is uncertain at best, GM thinks we can all agree that a community festival like this would be a great thing, regardless of the purpose.

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