Georgetown Ten Year Plan Meetings To Be Held

District law requires that every residential school in DC must periodically develop 10 year plans. These plans become essentially the framework of how each school interacts with its neighbors for the next ten years. No large school in the District has frictionless relations with its neighbors, but the Georgetown University and the Georgetown neighborhood are perhaps the second most contentious neighbors behind the infamous GW-Foggy Bottom pairing.

Georgetown’s last ten year plan is coming to end and the process to develop a new one is already under way. The effort was kicked off with a long and tedious bang last May when University reps met with the community.

Another series of meetings are now being held. Actually, the first one was last night (sorry about the late notice). Unlike the marathon first meeting, these meetings are split up by topic. But don’t worry, they’ll still be plenty long:

Tuesday, November 3, Off Campus Life/Housing/Enrollment
Wednesday, November 11, Off Campus Life/Housing/Enrollment,
McKenna Hall at Holy Trinity School, 1325 36th St, NW* (Note: This date is being held in the event additional time is needed after discussions on November 3.)
Thursday, November 12, Transportation
Monday, November 16, 1789 Block
Wednesday, November 18, Draft Full Plan Review
Thursday, November 19, Draft Full Plan Review

Except for November 11th , all meetings will be held at Georgetown Visitation, Heritage Room, 2nd floor, 1524 – 35th Street, NW, from 6:30 – 9pm.

GM would like to say he’s being the good civic minded journalist and is attending each and every one of these meetings, but unfortunately he simply does not have that sort of energy. He’ll leave it to Vox Populi to continue their excellent coverage.


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