Clear Your Sidewalks!

Adorable Shoveler by Bigwibble6.

This has been the worst winter DC has seen in recent memory. Last night was the fourth respectable snowfall in a season that has already seen one blizzard. That said, citizens’ responsibility to shovel their sidewalks is all the more important in a winter like this.

So in the interests of keeping our sidewalks clear, GM is deputizing his readership to keep an eye out during the rest of the winter for flagrant violators of the keep-your-sidewalk-clear law. As you see flagrant violators, whip out your cell phone or camera and take a shot (preferably showing all the other sidewalks clear) and email it to Georgetownmetropolitan(at)

GM will choose the best shots, publish them and try to leverage a little public shaming into safer sidewalks.


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4 responses to “Clear Your Sidewalks!

  1. jmw

    that would be “the best winter” DC has seen in recent memory …

  2. EastGeorgetowner

    Unfortunately, Alexander Memorial Baptist Church at 2709 N Street does not shovel the sidewalk in front of its property. Many people need to come down this sidewalk to get to Rose Park. Neighbors will sometimes shovel part or all of this stretch, but they shouldn’t have to.

  3. GM

    jmw – Ha. I haven’t gotten any snow days yet, so I’m sticking with worst.

    EG – Take a photo! There should be ample evidence after this weekend’s storm.

  4. Old Georgetowner

    The last two snowfalls, the one house on N Street between 34th and Wisconsin that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING belonged to a certain ditzy NYT columnist.

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