Brooks Brothers to Open in June

Finally some non-snow-related news: according to plans discussed at the last ANC meeting, the new Brooks Brothers store at 31st and M is scheduled to open in June.

The plans presented showed that Brooks Brothers will take over the entire building, including the Pottery Barn and the old Smith and Hawken. Right now there is no direct connection between those two spaces, so the Pottery Barn elevator will have to be extended up to the top floor.

The architect presenting the plans said that he didn’t know if the Connecticut Ave. Brooks Brothers is going to close (GM guesses that it won’t, but you never know).

He also implied that Pottery Barn’s closing was part of a wider strategy to shift primarily to a catalog business. That would be too bad…




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3 responses to “Brooks Brothers to Open in June

  1. Bailey

    Yes yes yes yes!

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  3. Brooks Bros. over Ed Hardy

    Any updates on the Brooks Brothers space? As of this morning it still looked like the Pottery Barn on the outside but with the windows brown-papered up.

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