Washington Fine Properties Reinvents the Word “Block”

GM was browsing the real estate listings on the back of the Georgetowner the other day and he came across this puzzling listing:

The home is a modest two bedroom row house, virtually identical to dozens and dozens throughout Georgetown (particularly the East Village). But this home offers something that no other house in Georgetown can: a two block walk to the Metro!

Wait a minute, what?

Two blocks to the Metro? How is that possible?

This house is on 26th just above P St. What is the walk to the Metro from there?

It’s somewhat debatable how you’d score the walk from 26th and P to 23rd and P, but it’s indisputable that there are (at least) two blocks simply between P and 23rd and P and 21st.

It takes some real chutzpah to describe this .7 mile walk as “two blocks.” (Maybe it’s this type of chutzpah that got WFP the crown for Georgetown Realtor of the Year).  Good for WFP and the owner that they sold it in one day, but let’s hope the new owners took a stroll to the Metro first.


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4 responses to “Washington Fine Properties Reinvents the Word “Block”

  1. Ken Archer

    What makes this exaggeration all the more absurd is how unnecessary it is to make the point that the house is close to Metro. The overstatement almost undermines the point by casting suspicion on it.

    This house is about as close to Metro as it is possible to be while still being in Georgetown, and lots of folks live on P & Q in the East Village for precisely this reason.

    Here’s a topic for a future post: Is the number of homes sold without agents really low in Georgetown? Is that because Georgetown real estate agents successfully blackball sellers (not tell buyers about their homes) that use Redfin or otherwise go around agents?

  2. GM

    More to the point, it’s half a block from two different bus stops, which can get you to the metro in just a few minutes. I know the proximity to the Metro is one of the more important features I like about living in the upper East Village. But I don’t go around telling people I live two blocks from the Metro.

    I know only a few homes are listed by the owners in Georgetown. But I’m not sure if that’s unusual. I would think that most home buyers are savvy enough to use Redfin, etc., so they’d know about those homes. But I wouldn’t put it past real estate agents though…

  3. Ken Archer

    I know of two homes that were listed by owner, only to have little interest and little traffic into their open houses. The sellers suspected blackballing, and when they started using agents they suddenly had lots of interest.

  4. Kate Whitmore

    We sold our house without an agent about 8 years ago with just an ad in the Post. It was not that hard to research market prices and make the house look attractive. Many agents showed up expecting us to pay a buyer’s commission but we told them we were not interested. Most agents were skeptical that we could do it ourselves but it worked out fine. We had numerous interested parties and the couple who bought our house did not use an agent. So it is possible, but perhaps not the best option in softer markets or for people lacking confidence.

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