Safeway Set to Open Next Thursday

After just over a year of construction, the new Safeway is set to reopen next Thursday at 8:00 AM. When will it close?


In case you missed it, the new Safeway will be open 24-7-365. Including the pharmacy.

And what better way to send the new store off on its way than an A List gala thrown in its aisles Wednesday night. From the press release:

The opening of the Georgetown “Social” Safeway has people so excited they’ll literally be dancing in the aisles at an exclusive, invitation-only gala on Wednesday, May 5.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., the private party inside the store, located at 1855 Wisconsin Avenue NW, will feature musical entertainment by the Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra and a DJ when the band breaks.  Guests will be treated to a variety of wines and gourmet goodies throughout the store, including some sampled by White House Chef Sam Kass in the produce section.

Surely it will be the most elegant gala held in a supermarket the entire season.


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3 responses to “Safeway Set to Open Next Thursday

  1. Anon

    Great! I’m sure the store will be fantastic and i’m anxious to return to do my shopping there.

    However! An this is a big issue…. Will they fix the traffic lights at that intersection. If you remember, the light to exit the old Safeway parking lot lasted about one and half seconds, allowing for one,maybe two cars (if they went on yellow) to get through. And that’s if traffic wasn’t backed up all the way from R and S street blocking you from making the left hand turn, or blocking north bound traffic if you did go and couldn’t make it all the way into the lane. This has potential to really be a problem and snarl traffic for those coming in and out of Georgetown, and for those wishing to shop.

    Given this will be such a better supermarket and have more people parking there, they may want to give it some thought, if they haven’t already. I’ll remain optimistic for the moment.

  2. Oooooh Eric Felton. Dang it how does a dancing blogger snag tix to such a fancy smancy event?

  3. vb

    Open 24-7-365, including the pharmacy? This is great news for the neighborhood.
    On top of this, from what I gather, this Safeway will be the best and most gourmet of them all.

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