Aren’t They Building…Updates

Pottery Barn by afagen.

Last week GM unveiled a new feature here at the Georgetown Metropolitan: Aren’t They Building…It is a list of all the projects around town that GM is aware of along with a link to an article on the project and an expected date of completion.

Readers already submitted a few additions. Thus GM added the O and P St. trolley tracks, the streetcar itself, and the Jelleff sports fields.

More recently, GM heard a couple corrections to the predicted openings:

Brooks Brothers: GM originally heard that Brooks Brothers would move into the Pottery Barn space by June. Since Pottery Barn is only now closing, this is obviously not going to happen. GM guessed the new date would be fall 2010. Even that was too optimistic. Way too optimistic in fact. The new plan is for the store to open middle to fall 2011. This delay is likely due to the extensive construction necessary to merge the old Pottery Barn and Smith and Hawken spaces.

Madewell: Madewell is a new women’s clothing store by J. Crew. It will be moving into the space that used to house Puma. GM predicted an early summer 2010 opening for the store. Turns out it’ll be more like late summer.



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4 responses to “Aren’t They Building…Updates

  1. marcie connolly

    Hey GM – You’re welcome to contact me for comment on Eastbanc’s properties and new store opening time schedules. Instead of speculations, I will be more than happy to share information with you and Georgetowners as I am permitted to thru our lease agreements with our retailers. Call me any time at Eastbanc’s offices. 737-1000

    Marcie Connolly
    Vice President, Real Estate
    Eastbanc, Inc.

  2. vb

    To Marcie Connolly:
    Instead of people calling you for potential updates on store openings you could instead update your own website,, whenever you actually have one.
    It is so easy to do. You used to do it a long time ago, that is update the website the moment you had new information. But that was a decade ago. Now your website feels abandoned except for the one or two times a year it is updated in a sweeping fashion.

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