Two New Stores May Come to Georgetown


GM has heard that two new stores may soon come to Georgetown: CB2 and something called “Calvin Klein Underwear.’

CB2 is a “younger and hipper” version of its parent store: Crate and Barrel. It leans towards more modern furniture than the parent store.

The store’s move to Georgetown is not final yet. EastBanc is currently negotiating with CB2 for the store to move into 3307 M St., next to the temporary Georgetown public library space. They are cautiously optimistic that a deal can be struck and the store opened in 2011.

As for the second store, GM can’t say he has ever heard of it, and frankly wonders why we need a whole store dedicated to underwear. According to the company’s website, there is only one other such store in America (in Soho, New York). (Oddly there are over a dozen of them in Hong Kong alone).

According to the rumor, this store would move into where the Body Shop is at 3207 M St. GM reached out to the building’s owner, Axent Realty, for confirmation but did hear anything in response.

So what do you think? CB2 would be a nice addition, particularly since it is moving into empty space. GM is indifferent to the other possibility. Sure, he has never stepped foot in the Body Shop, and that store is pretty emblematic of the bland mallification of Georgetown, but really? A whole store just for underwear?




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14 responses to “Two New Stores May Come to Georgetown

  1. freesia

    CB2 is my favorite store!!! I don’t need to pay shipping anymore. I am so thrilled!!!

  2. Will be great to have a home furnishings shop for more utilitarian but still stylish items, like the old Conran Shop back in the day.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    Personally, I don’t think this bodes well — we keep getting the “junior line” or more down market versions of big retailers in Georgetown. For example, Cusp instead of Neiman Marcus, and so too here CB2 instead of Crate and Barrel . We need more mature, sophisticated retail shops in Georgetown to make it as nice as it used to be for shopping. Carol Joynt has written to express this opinion before, so it will be interesting to hear what she has to say about this.

  4. Ken Archer

    This would be wonderful, very useful for Georgetowners. If Georgetown had any autonomy, I would nominate Anthony Lanier for mayor.

  5. GM

    I think you make a good point. But in this case, I think it’s a good option. A full Crate and Barrel wouldn’t fit space-wise in Georgetown (I could be wrong, but my impression is that CB2 is smaller than the normal C&B). Plus, Cady’s Alley has more than enough high-end furniture stores. Adding an affordable store would be welcome by many.

    But more generally, I think it would be bad if we kept on getting the down market versions.

  6. Ken Archer

    re: downmarket stores

    I wouldn’t classify CB2 as a downmarket store. It’s an urban store with different, more European-influenced designs. Crate and Barrel is a more suburban style. As Lanier as said, Georgetown shouldn’t try to compete with Tysons or other suburban malls, because it will lose. I think he’s right in that.

  7. asuka


    The reason Georgetown is being populated with down-market brands is because residents of Georgetown rarely shop here anymore (cue protests to the contrary that cite anecdotal evidence only). Tourists and the suburb/exurb crowd make up the great majority of M street’s traffic, and that’s who retailers are targeting. This is why all the high-end shopping in DC has migrated to Tysons and Chevy Chase. Even still, Georgetown shopping has come a long way from the dark ages of the late 90’s/early 00’s.

  8. jonny

    I always find it a bit perplexing when people complain that Georgetown only gets the “downmarket” version of the big stores. Have you seen the size of a typical Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales? Where in Georgetown would one of them fit? Even a typical Crate and Barrel would be hardpressed to find a space of sufficient size on the M St. strip. Only in less dense areas such as Friendship Heights or especially Tysons are those types of stores practical. In reality, the so-called “downmarket” versions, which aren’t really downmarket at all, are the only feasible options. Besides, these boutique-like stores tend to be cooler and hipper than their parents anyway.

  9. DCShaw

    Crate & Barrel would never fit into any existing space in Gtown. They are only building their full furniture and housewares stores now. CB2 is a great store for a urban city and I’m so thrilled we are finally getting one. Frankly, I’d say that CB2 would do much better on 14th Street where there is already a thriving home retail scene. Gtown had its chance at getting the urban Bloomies but it failed because of the feud with the Gtown Park owner and developer. Bloomies would have attracted more shoppers and eventually the higher end shops. What a shame. I do all my shopping in DC. The less we give to the suburban malls, the more likely we will get better shopping in the District.

  10. Andy

    Downmarket? While Barney’s CoOp is not a full Barneys it is by no means downmarket. Again space is a premium and until the Georgetown Park Mall is redeveloped no retailer would sacrifice a street-front space for a larger space in a ghost town of a mall.

    Also with AU Park having a full on Crate and Barrel I think a CB2 is a great compliment. Georgetown can’t compare itself to Chevy Chase or Tyson’s where parking is cheaper and more plentiful. Rather people should compare Georgetown to Old Town.

    Perhaps Topher you could compare the number of chain stores in each, the number of high-end stores, ‘downmarket/boutique’ versions of high-end stores, local shops, etc. etc.

  11. GM

    I think the over-arching theme of the sub-brands that are attracted to Georgetown is “young”. Barney’s Co-op, Cusp, and CB2 are all targeted at younger shoppers. I think that given the fact that younger shoppers simply have less money, the stores targeting them tend to offer less expensive items than the flagship. Whether it’s fair to call them “downmarket” or not, I don’t know.

  12. Elizzy

    I’m really excited about CB2 coming to Georgetown. We don’t have one locally that I know of, and their decor accessories are great. I would think of them more on a par with West Elm.

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